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Easter Party

Fluffy bunnies, baskets and colorful eggs all tell us it's time for an Easter celebration.

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Easter Party

Easter is the Christian holiday celebrating
Christ rising from the dead.

It's usually celebrated in a very secular way, though, with the Easter bunny delivering baskets full of wonderful treats and hiding decorated eggs for children to find. The holiday also brings a mouth-watering meal of ham, potatoes, rolls and decadent desserts. Getting together with loved ones is a hallmark of this holiday, so you need to put together a jubilant celebration.




Decking your home or an outdoor area in pastel pinks, blues and yellows sets the atmosphere for a great Easter party. To jazz things up try hanging banners or using crepe paper decorations in these soft colors. Get creative and try out different patterns on your décor, like dots, stripes or chevron. Paper lanterns decorated in a light yellow chevron pattern or blue dotted crepe streamers can really set the mood.




Match your table to your décor with plates, cups, silverware and napkins done up in the traditional colors. These also can be fun with different patterns. Consider a party pack, which comes with everything you need to set a beautifully coordinated table that's ready for that amazing meal you have so lovingly prepared. When everyone rushes in after the egg hunt, you'll be ready with a, Easter-themed setting. After the party is over, send out some thank you notes decorated in the same patterns and colors you used for your party. They are a great way to show your appreciation and remind everyone of the lovely time you had.