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Cinco de Mayo Party

Celebrate Mexican heritage with a loud, vibrant and fun party this Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo Party Supplies

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Cinco de Mayo

While Cinco de Mayo is traditionally a holiday commemorating the Mexican success over France in the Battle of Puebla, in the U.

., we have turned it into a way to celebrate and honor Mexican heritage. Cinco de Mayo celebrations are often loud, fun and full of good food, drinks and friends. It's a great holiday to let loose and live la vida loca. Pulling together a party for your friends is a breeze when you find the right party supplies to set the mood.




For a truly authentic feel, your party needs to be decked out in the colors of the Mexican flag: red, green and white. Don't limit yourself to just those colors, though. Cinco de Mayo is a bright and lively celebration so any vibrant colors are welcome. You simply cannot forget the piñata. Imagine the fun as you whack away at a traditional donkey or pull the strings on a cute cactus character trying to get to the goodies tucked away inside. It's fun for kids and adults! Set the scene with some carefully placed cutout or inflatable cactuses. Add in some balloons and you are ready for some Cinco de Mayo celebration.




Following along with the traditional colors, dress your table in a green or red tablecloth set with matching or contrasting tableware. Set out plates in red and green with coordinating cups, silverware and napkins. Dress things up by using some ribbon to tie up silverware in a napkin pack for each guest.